I am learning this year many things. Many things in the New Year. I am learning that on this earth at this time, humans are voided of two things to keep them enslaved.

Number one is spiritual literacy, and number two is financial literacy.

In other departments, we also lack in emotional intelligence and intuitive literacy. Thank G’d we have at least the field of psychology which is mental literacy. Yet this mental literacy is limited to be focused on unconscious literacy (the study of the unconscious).

We’ve gained a concept of the mind’s potential and how it works but very few on this planet has taught us how to use it properly. Our parents are fairly useless. G’d bless them that they are our teachers but they are illiterate in these many departments of self-actualization. As result, many of us are screwed.

I am becoming self-taught in these areas and it is not easy. It comes a little too late as far as I am concerned.

But if I were to learn these things when I was a child or in my early teens—I would have great difficulty in life because I would operate in opposition to the rest of the world and be attacked or persecuted for it. I would probably end up in a mental institution—for we know that people who feel threatened like to call someone a witch, a demon or something in which they can destroy.

For the most part, I have accepted that I am ignorant in many areas of the higher art of living.

I can say this because I have gained the consciousness to see how expansive human potential is—and how little of it is utilized. Within us, we have terrains vast as the ocean, desert, and even the galaxies. We have not mined our inner resources.

There are many people today who like to be “experts on being an expert.” They claim to mine our inner potential for us. They are “potential hawkers” who get rich off inspiring people to become experts like them. But they are charlatans who in ignorance and greed, will pay an “expert” karmic price for selling knowledge—for the gift of Truth is sacred and should not be exploited in such a manner.

When you isolate what these magicians are exactly experts on: you will find that they are experts at nothing.

They will tell you how to rise to your potential, how to get rich by teaching others what they teach. At the end of the day, they are an expert on nothing which means they are an “expert on being an expert.”

It is big business. Tony Robbins is probably the biggest expert on nothing. I am steering clear of people who are magicians of mining human potential—only to lead no one to water. If their followers find wealth, they perceive it as water. But what they find is that they are trapped in their own logic—because they still possess nothing despite the millions they make off of inspiring people to become like them.

We have a modern form of guruship no different than black magicians and gypsies in ancient times. People who used to investigate your soul for you now provide so-called “tools” to do so—as long as you depend on them, buy more of their books, subscribe to their products, etc.

There is only a rare few who have done this to the great benefit of society. The rest are copycats with no original material, regurgitating knowledge, have the wrong motives and are trying to get rich quick.

Where consciousness is concerned, I find the arts to be most pure. I am grateful to be an artist because the consciousness and expressions an artist gains comes directly from within. If an artist has a tangible expression to sell, that is an honest living. If they are selling only what they can copy based on other successful works, then they are con-“artists” and copy-“artists.”

So, the field of arts has charlatans as well who practice some form of magic. For those who are in the healing arts, that is fair game but also dicey because they too can fall into the charlatan trap.

Just keeping it real.

We Shall,

Ji Strangeway is a filmmaker, writer, and poet specializing in female-centric LGBTQ. She is also a fierce blogger aiming for a new level of indigoness and bad assery. Find out more: www.jistrangeway.com | Follow FB: jistrangeway.official  #jistrangeway

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