The Sad Truth About Celebrity Women Who Deny Aging

True, on a spiritual level, we are ageless. True, on a physical level, regardless of age, we are sexual beings. True, our sexuality and femininity shouldn’t be cut off by a certain age—simply because society finds it taboo and persecutes us for being sexually liberated.
But there is a difference between these truths and the beliefs that major celebrities form about denying the aging process entirely by trying to look 21 at 60. They don’t seem to understand that when you are in a position of influence and power, you have a responsibility as role models. They turn their backs on women and the youth when they damn the process of physically aging.

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Ji Strangeway is a filmmaker, writer, and poet specializing in female-centric LGBTQ. She is also a fierce blogger aiming for a new level of indigoness and bad assery. Find out more: | Follow FB: jistrangeway.official  #jistrangeway

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