Model Citizen

Melissa, aka, Gypsy, my costume girl, helped me pull off the Nune look. The Nune character’s entire wardrobe was found in a thrift store in the valley. Some of the clothes Gypsy found were hysterical and bordered total whoredom and in the end, we went for a “trashed Marilyn Monroe” theme; a deconstruction of the American myth. We had two Monroe shirts: one is the very skimpy top that’s used for a lot the cover art, but the other one (worn on set but never visibly shown) was a black and white face of Monroe with half of it being a decayed sugar skull. I thought this shirt was ugly cool. I could have opted to expose that shirt during the diner sequence where Nune takes off her jacket, but decided to go with the shirt that says “Model Citizen” instead, for which, Nune IS NOT.

Nune's Model Citizen
Nune’s Model Citizen

The Model Citizen shirt came to me from an experience I had walking down a street of LA. I was waiting to cross at a light and a crack whore-looking black teenager whose hair was a complete wreck came up next to me. I checked her out and noticed that she was wearing beneath her jacket a shirt that said, “Model Citizen” and I laughed so hard to myself. It burned this incredible image in my mind of the irony that this girl was probably the biggest social reject of anything you’d see on TV or any popular media that would raise her up to be an ideal American citizen. And I thought to myself, “That’s just like Nune. That is so Nune.” So I went and got the shirt made. But that was how the shirt was inspired.

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