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Sondi Ramaker, our set dresser, had to clean out high school lockers to decorate them for the set of NUNE. The agreement we made with the school was that the student lockers had to be returned to the exact condition that they were after we were done with them.

So Sondi took “before and after” images of the lockers, which were pretty hysterical. One of the lockers we chose was totally trashed inside.

She saved all the trash that was inside the student’s locker and set them aside. They included snacks and things that were uneaten as well. Well, during the shoot, she had a classroom dedicated to props. She put all the student’s locker belongings in there but for some reason, other crew entered the room and it became its own hangout or “holding area.” Suddenly you had a bunch of people moving in and out the room and people started eating the snacks on a desk because they thought it was part of “craft service.”

On top of this, the site manager found some of the trash from the locker and threw it out.

The story I heard was that she was pretty stressed out about it because it was her job to return the locker back to it’s original “disorder” but some of kid’s food was eaten and some of the trash was missing. LOL.

I’m sure the kid would’ve been happy that someone cleaned it out for him. But we were just following the school’s order. Anyway, she did a great job making the lockers look amazing.

trashed locker for nune movie

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