Juan just delivered this great sketch to me. I’m debating about whether or not I want a Band-Aid on her face. She doesn’t give a shit about it. I do, so maybe I shouldn’t throw my own vanity onto her. This image reminds me of Robin Johnson in the movie Times Square (1980). I would love RED AS BLUE to be homage and a follow-up to that movie; to keep the legacy alive. I love it. It’s out of print. I pirated a copy from a video store in Boulder, Colorado a while back and ripped it onto a DVD-R. The last time I saw the movie was in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Times Square was one of my “desert island” movies (a handful of movies you own if you were stuck on an island). I remember watching it in my hotel room with a friend I met from NYC. We laughed because the red neon lights were flashing through my window, thousands of miles away from the states, yet so apropos for setting the mood of Times Square!

June Lusparian

I adore Robin Johnson. She’s the Antigone of the 1980s, and June (whom Nune is based on) is a timely revival of the punk-female heroine. In this sketch, she looks kinda of trendy—but that’s not the case. She just got beat up by a bunch of thugs, can’t afford the brand new foam headphones popular in the 80s so she listens to a pair of clunky 1970s headset. By her society’s standard, she’s an absolute freak—and yeah, she was forced by her parents to join ROTC. That’s why she’s wearing army clothes. This sketch puts it all together. I adore this girl.

We Shall,

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